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SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health


SOSTE, the Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health is a national umbrella organisation that gathers together 200 social and health NGO's and dozens of other partner members.

SOSTE, and its member organisations, is a courageous opinion-leader and specialist whose goal is to improve the wellbeing of people. In cooperation with our members and different operators, we build the preconditions for social wellbeing and health, the participation opportunities of people, as well as a fair and responsible society. Only a socially sound, healthy and genuinely participatory society can create sustainable success in Finland and abroad. This is what a wellbeing economy is all about.

Investments in wellbeing and health are long-term joint decisions, and NGO's must have a strong role in implementing them. Our goal is to increase the impact of social and healthcare organisations in society and achieve a situation where the implementation of the preconditions for a good life are realised for all. We operate at the regional, national and international levels.

SOSTE's founding members are Association of Voluntary Health, Social and Welfare Organisations (YTY), Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health (STKL) and Finnish Centre for Health Promotion (Tekry). SOSTE was founded 2012. SOSTE's Secretary General is Vertti Kiukas (M.A.) and the Chairman is Jukka Tahvanainen, Managing Director of the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired.

Filling the purpose SOSTE

  • influences social and health policy and other relevant sectors of societal policy;
  • strengthens the operating conditions for its member organisations and for civic action in the social and health sectors;
  • develops the cooperation between social and health organisations and their cooperation with other parties;
  • conducts research and offers information to support its efforts to influence opinion.
  • communicates and publishes;
  • develops organisations' activities and the social and health sector;
  • offers its members training, consulting, evaluations and other auxiliary services;