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NGOS are an important asset

10.06.2013, 08:50

Social and health NGOs are essential to the Finnish welfare system. Nearly one million people work in NGOs, and 500 000 of the workers are volunteers. The work done by volunteers equals about 21 000 person-years of employment.

In addition to providing information and assistance, social and health NGOs play an important role as a means of participation and advocacy. They have a strong influence on the building of a good everyday environment for people, on municipal social welfare and healthcare services, and on legislation. The most important services provided by the NGOs include peer support groups, volunteer work, organized hobbies and recreational activities. NGOs also play an important role in the provision of many services that require specialist knowledge.

Kuva Suomeksi

WHO Global Conference on Health Promotion

The 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion (8GCHP) will be held in Helsinki, Finland, from 10 to 14 June 2013. The conference is co-organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland (MSAH). The main theme of the Conference is “Health in All Policies” and its focus is on implementation, the “how-to”.